Apple Has Released Its Annual Supply Responsibility Report

Focusing on the company’s response towards the Covid-19 Pandemic, Apple has recently released its Supply Responsibility Report.

Apple has been observed releasing such reports every year, but this time it might be a bit different as per the previous Covid situation and the responses.

Focusing on the last year’s challenges, Apple has worked hard to provide the best work environment and enhance the supply chain department.

Latest Supply Responsibility Report

Sabih Khan, the COO of Apple, gives the report’s introduction. It states that keeping in mind the previous complications we have planned to work with by rechecking all the supplier details keeping the health and care of the people and the employees in mind.

There are certainly more factors which are discussed in this report that includes;

  • Setting up the factory floors with social distancing tags on it.
  • Providing masks, face shields, and usage of sanitizer should be increased Reduce working hours and several people working at a time.
  • Take care of cleanliness.

Sabih Khan also stated that every complication that has affected the Apple employees or the sales should be overcome now with new strategies protecting the supply chain department.

With this pandemic situation and travel, Apple has claimed that it has tested around 1121 suppliers from 53 countries and assured that all employees are working with Apple voluntarily.

Supplier Responsibility Details Of Apple

Keeping Covid-19 aside, Apple has been responsible for taking care of its supply chain department to protect its customers. Previously, Apple has stopped making such devices that require more time and heating process and manufactured Airpods, Ipad and Apple watch despite 20 percent of iPhone manufacturing energy are decreased.

Previously some allegations stated that Apple has forced labour, to which Apple responded that there is no evidence of any labour working involuntarily. Each worker works here with complete willingness, and Apple has also worked hard to provide the best facilities to its workers.

The┬ámajor takeaway from Apple’s Responsibility Report is that people are happy to see that Apple also enhances their environment by taking care of each and everything.

The responsibility report focuses mainly on Covid-19 situations and measures to make an environment in such a situation and take care of everyone’s health.

The Supplier Responsibility Report included some factors which were the challenges of the previous year. This time, Apple has taken precautionary measures to cure the supply chain staff and protect consumers.

Keeping the Covid-19 situation in mind, Apple has taken several actions for the supply chain department. It is proved that none of the workers are working unwillingly.

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