Apple: Podcast Subscriptions Delayed Till June

At a Spring Loaded special event held in April, Apple announced that they are ready to provide Apple Podcast Subscription. This feature was a bit similar to Apple fitness+ and Apple Arcade, which has enabled the creators to pay monthly subscriptions for their podcast, and after that, Apple will cut off in the form of commission.

Apple also announced that these subscriptions would be available in 170 countries from May 2021.In May 2021, Apple sent an email to the podcast creators that the subscriptions of the Podcast had been delayed till June.

There was no proper description of why this had happened, but Apple Insider only informed us that we are planning to provide a much better experience to our users, which is why it is taking time.

No Specific Launch Date

The Apple users were a bit confused as there was no date announced for launching the Podcast Subscriptions. June then, June is two or three days for which is probably not the specific month to launch, as if the product was two or three days far, Apple would not announce a new date for that.

This date might extend as the previous announcement was made in the mid of May, and it might take at least two more weeks due to some holidays, including memorial day and the weekend the work has stopped.

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is on June 11. Apple might share some news about the Podcast subscriptions at that conference.

Revenue: Podcast Subscriptions Of Apple

The podcast subscription has promised that it would be a reason for generating revenue for Apple. Apple has announced if these subscriptions would start from$0.49 per month, whereas the premium podcasts are at higher prices which are $2.99 and $5.99 per month.

It is also heard that Apple will charge a cut-off of 30% for the first year, 15% for the second year, which will charge podcast creators around $19.99 per year.

However, several developers are challenging Apple to charge the same curt off as app-generated revenue through App Store.

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