Best Sites to Convert From YouTube To MP3

YouTube is a social media entertainment platform that enables the user to watch videos online. YouTube has a wide variety of different videos which anyone can watch. It is a free application but has allowed the users to earn money through this.

Watching videos online is fun but, watching them offline anytime and share wherever you like satisfies the user. Unfortunately, YouTube does not allow to download of every video available on its platform, which is when these online convertors captured the internet.

Up till now, there are plenty of converters available on the internet. Converting your YouTube videos into MP3 format is not complicated; it can be done through any converter. But you have to decide which converter you choose, as some converters take
your time and install viruses and unwanted links on your device except for converting the YouTube videos. Secondly, you have to see either the format you want your YouTube video to be available on the converter or not.

Best YouTube To Mp3 Sites:

  1. Ytbmp3 (
  2. Snapdownloader Youtube To MP3
  3. Freemake
  4. MP3YT     (
  5. 4K video downloader
  6. YTD video downloader
  7. aTube Catcher
  8. AVC
  9. Free Video Downloader For YouTube
  10. ClipGrab

These are some of the video converters which are usually used. Several different converters are available in the market, but these provide the most accessible ways and the best quality. There are some fake converters as well that downloads several viruses which destroy your device.

Recover Hotmail Account Password

Have you stuck again? Failed to log in to your account? Do not worry, we are going to be discussing how to recover a lost password on Outlook. Now it’s really easy to forget your password, and even if you’ve written them down somewhere you could still lose it. But luckily, every online system comes with a recovery mechanism that can be used to either recover or reset your password.

You will need to have your phone available for this method to work as you will receive a code from Microsoft to check if it is your Hotmail sign in account. You will receive this message on your registered number that you have associated with your Microsoft Account.

So let’s go ahead, and do that for Outlook/Hotmail. Open up your browser and go to or and then try to sign in and click on I forgot the password for this account. Click on next. Now on to the first step of recovering your password, click on this area that says forgot my password, click it and check on this radio button that says I forgot my password and click on next now. You will see a captcha/code, this is for security purposes whatever you see in this box just type in down below, and if it doesn’t seem clear to you that you can always choose a new code by clicking this button new.

So, if you are done with this security hurdle then click on next, and hopefully, now you’ve recognized your number. Click on the text and provide the last four digits of your registered phone number and hit this send code button now you should receive a message from Microsoft which are with your code. Open up your inbox on your phone and type in the code that you received to the login screen. For instance, if we received 252352 on text message then we’ll write the same on the password recovery screen. Hit next.

Now you’ll get a prompt saying type in your new password. Now, go ahead, and do that, enter it down below as well on the confirm password field. Make sure they match and hit next. Now there you have it. You have successfully reset your Hotmail account password.

Congrats, you have got your account back with all its data, we hope this was useful. You can also use the same method for recovery through another email if you have any other email address associated with your Hotmail/Outlook account.

123Movies Reviews – Best Movies Websites

Most people stop going to the cinema to watch their favorite TV-series and movies and prefer to watch them online for free. But the problem is they mostly find sites which are full of malware and viruses and due to this, they become disheartened. But now don’t worry about it, here’s we come with the best solution to your problem

In this article, I am going to share our personal reviews about the best online movie streaming website called 123Movies. 123Movies is one of the top-visited platforms when we are going to discuss free online streaming websites. So without wasting more time let move toward the next section of the article…

What is 123Movies?

123Movies is an online movie and TV show streaming website which has more than millions of users on a daily basis. It offers you a massive collection of movies and tv shows from all genres. Also, movies and tv series from different countries are available on this website like China, South Korea, Japan, Indian, USA, Australia, Thailand, and Taiwan, etc and you watch all these content for without paying a single cent. Don’t worry if your country is not listed here. You will easily find your favorite content on this website.

This website provides you with an unlimited number of movies, music, sports shows, TV-series with high-quality video results. You will not be disappointed with the video quality. Also, you will get some experience of theater at home due to its high-quality video results.

If you want to download any movies or any video then don’t worry about it. You can download it for free. Most important, you don’t need to provide any personal information and not even ask you to buy any paid subscription to watch any movies and TV shows.

Best Alternatives to 123Movies

Following are the list of best alternatives which we consider after discussing several hours and hours, so don’t forget to check them.

  1. GoMovies
  2. M4uFree Movies – (
  3. Watch Movies
  4. Spacemov – (
  5. Couchtuner
  6. Gledalica
  7. Putlocker
  8. Amazon Prime
  9. Mr Piracy
  10. YesMovies

Key Features

Quality: If you want to watch high-quality movies and tv shows without paying a single amount of money then 123Mofvies website is best for you. It offers you HD Quality video results which help the user to get a better experience at home.

Collection: It contains all older and new movies and tv shows, so no matter if you are younger or older you will definitely get your favorite content within a single click.

Categories: More than 20+ categories are available like Comedy, Horror, Thrilling, Adventurous, Mystery, Biography, etc and contain hundreds of movies in each category.

Server: You will get multiple servers on this website. These servers will help you to watch any movies and tv shows without getting any loading or buffering issues.

Application: If you are watching movies on this website using your android phone, you can also download the mobile application.

Interface: The UI Design of this website is amazing and everyone can simple their website easily. Also, their simple interface helps the user to find their favorite movies within a shorter time period.

Search Filter: You can use the advanced search bar which is located at the top side of the home. This search bar will help you to find any of your favorite movies without wasting your time

Is 123Movies Safe and Legal?

Every country has its own rules and regulations regarding online streaming. In some countries streaming is illegal and in some countries, streaming is completely legal. In my opinion, if you are using this website just for watching movies then it’s good. In this way, this website is legal to use and completely safe.

Final Thoughts

I hope you are reading our review on the 123Movies website and after reading this article you will know which are the best alternatives to the 123Movies website. No Doubt CouchTuner is one of the top-notch streaming websites which help the user to watch any movies and tv shows without paying a single amount of money.

So, don’t forget to let us know via the comment section which movies you are going to watch first and which alternatives you are trying first.

Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends on social media.