How to Install Kali Linux?

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a professional software which is used to check and resolve the vulnerabilities your PC is facing. There are few operations you can perform through Kali Linux, which is;

But to get through these features, you must download and install Kali Linux, which includes a few steps;

  • Download the Kali Linux ISO image.
  • As soon as it is downloaded, transfer the image into a USB flash drive.
  • Ensure your USB has enough memory, empty storage and there is no extra data in it as it may result in data loss.
  • Insert the USB in the desktop and start rebooting.
  • As soon as you open “Kali“, select on graphical install.
  • Select language as per your choice and then select ok.
  • Choose the Location for the Kali Linux and press continue.
  • Select keyboard-configuration.
  • It automatically then detects the network interface.
  • As soon as the configuration is completed, type the hostname and then continue.
  • Leave the domain name section blank.
  • Type admin password and press continue.
  • Choose time zone.
  • Select the disk to be used and then press “continue“.
  • Choose the option of “All Files In One Partition“.
  • Click on “Yes“.
  • Complete the installation.
  • As soon as all the installation is completed, It would notify you, and you can now use your Kali Linux and all its features to enjoy a smooth working of your computer.

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