How To Install GZ Doom?


It is based on Zdoom coded, a 3d-accelerated doom port, and its most recent version is 4.5.

How To Install?

This process includes a few steps, which are;

1. This application allows you to use the doom mods.
2. install GZDoom and from the zip file, extract the GZdoom folder from it.
3. Search for the GZdoom directory and move it to the WAD file
4. Download the GVDoom MOD of your choice.
5. Drag both the files (doom2.wad file and GZ doom.exe)
6. Here you go, your GZdoom has been installed, which lets you play games without any virus affection.

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How to Install Kali Linux?

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a professional software which is used to check and resolve the vulnerabilities your PC is facing. There are few operations you can perform through Kali Linux, which is;

But to get through these features, you must download and install Kali Linux, which includes a few steps;

  • Download the Kali Linux ISO image.
  • As soon as it is downloaded, transfer the image into a USB flash drive.
  • Ensure your USB has enough memory, empty storage and there is no extra data in it as it may result in data loss.
  • Insert the USB in the desktop and start rebooting.
  • As soon as you open “Kali“, select on graphical install.
  • Select language as per your choice and then select ok.
  • Choose the Location for the Kali Linux and press continue.
  • Select keyboard-configuration.
  • It automatically then detects the network interface.
  • As soon as the configuration is completed, type the hostname and then continue.
  • Leave the domain name section blank.
  • Type admin password and press continue.
  • Choose time zone.
  • Select the disk to be used and then press “continue“.
  • Choose the option of “All Files In One Partition“.
  • Click on “Yes“.
  • Complete the installation.
  • As soon as all the installation is completed, It would notify you, and you can now use your Kali Linux and all its features to enjoy a smooth working of your computer.

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Apple: Podcast Subscriptions Delayed Till June

At a Spring Loaded special event held in April, Apple announced that they are ready to provide Apple Podcast Subscription. This feature was a bit similar to Apple fitness+ and Apple Arcade, which has enabled the creators to pay monthly subscriptions for their podcast, and after that, Apple will cut off in the form of commission.

Apple also announced that these subscriptions would be available in 170 countries from May 2021.In May 2021, Apple sent an email to the podcast creators that the subscriptions of the Podcast had been delayed till June.

There was no proper description of why this had happened, but Apple Insider only informed us that we are planning to provide a much better experience to our users, which is why it is taking time.

No Specific Launch Date

The Apple users were a bit confused as there was no date announced for launching the Podcast Subscriptions. June then, June is two or three days for which is probably not the specific month to launch, as if the product was two or three days far, Apple would not announce a new date for that.

This date might extend as the previous announcement was made in the mid of May, and it might take at least two more weeks due to some holidays, including memorial day and the weekend the work has stopped.

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference is on June 11. Apple might share some news about the Podcast subscriptions at that conference.

Revenue: Podcast Subscriptions Of Apple

The podcast subscription has promised that it would be a reason for generating revenue for Apple. Apple has announced if these subscriptions would start from$0.49 per month, whereas the premium podcasts are at higher prices which are $2.99 and $5.99 per month.

It is also heard that Apple will charge a cut-off of 30% for the first year, 15% for the second year, which will charge podcast creators around $19.99 per year.

However, several developers are challenging Apple to charge the same curt off as app-generated revenue through App Store.

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Apple Has Released Its Annual Supply Responsibility Report

Focusing on the company’s response towards the Covid-19 Pandemic, Apple has recently released its Supply Responsibility Report.

Apple has been observed releasing such reports every year, but this time it might be a bit different as per the previous Covid situation and the responses.

Focusing on the last year’s challenges, Apple has worked hard to provide the best work environment and enhance the supply chain department.

Latest Supply Responsibility Report

Sabih Khan, the COO of Apple, gives the report’s introduction. It states that keeping in mind the previous complications we have planned to work with by rechecking all the supplier details keeping the health and care of the people and the employees in mind.

There are certainly more factors which are discussed in this report that includes;

  • Setting up the factory floors with social distancing tags on it.
  • Providing masks, face shields, and usage of sanitizer should be increased Reduce working hours and several people working at a time.
  • Take care of cleanliness.

Sabih Khan also stated that every complication that has affected the Apple employees or the sales should be overcome now with new strategies protecting the supply chain department.

With this pandemic situation and travel, Apple has claimed that it has tested around 1121 suppliers from 53 countries and assured that all employees are working with Apple voluntarily.

Supplier Responsibility Details Of Apple

Keeping Covid-19 aside, Apple has been responsible for taking care of its supply chain department to protect its customers. Previously, Apple has stopped making such devices that require more time and heating process and manufactured Airpods, Ipad and Apple watch despite 20 percent of iPhone manufacturing energy are decreased.

Previously some allegations stated that Apple has forced labour, to which Apple responded that there is no evidence of any labour working involuntarily. Each worker works here with complete willingness, and Apple has also worked hard to provide the best facilities to its workers.

The major takeaway from Apple’s Responsibility Report is that people are happy to see that Apple also enhances their environment by taking care of each and everything.

The responsibility report focuses mainly on Covid-19 situations and measures to make an environment in such a situation and take care of everyone’s health.

The Supplier Responsibility Report included some factors which were the challenges of the previous year. This time, Apple has taken precautionary measures to cure the supply chain staff and protect consumers.

Keeping the Covid-19 situation in mind, Apple has taken several actions for the supply chain department. It is proved that none of the workers are working unwillingly.

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Apple Could Launch Ipads With OLED Screens

Apple has always come up with some exciting features that have always made its devices look premium. Recently Apple has launched the Ipad, has a mini LED screen, but rumors have confirmed that it is not just the last update; Apple might move towards the OLED screens.

This technology was introduced in Apple phones in 2017, which was first included in iPhone X. The resources have confirmed that Apple is planning to introduce OLED Ipads in 2022, which will enhance the Apple device display.

Difference Between OLED And Mini-LED

There is a very slight difference between these two kinds of LED. Both provide an increased contrast in bright colors and deeper in a dark color, but OLED shows more precisely every effect of the pixel, and a different kind of sharpened image appears on the screen.

OLED is much more superior than mini-LED as each pixel in OLED turns on and off, whereas the mini-LED displays pictures in a dim zone.

Through recent resources, it was confirmed that Ming-chi, an International Securities Analyst, said that OLED screens are not suitable for the Ipad as it requires a lot of energy, resulting in heating the device.

It means that such screens that produce high resolutions are not suitable for productivity devices as it then leads to heating up and can cause many other problems.

People carry these kinds of productivity devices on work to the office, and they have important data stored on them. No one would sacrifice their important data just for the sake of an exemplary screen display.

Apple replied that Apple would not be the first one to display an OLED screen on tablets. Some rival companies, including Samsung, Huawei, and Lenovo, are already providing OLED screens in the Tablet.

However, to make Apple’s device different, mini-LED should change to attract the users immediately. Thus people will start buying this device.

Apple Advancement

It is not the only advancement Apple has planned to make, but It was also rumored that Apple might add a Macbook pro with mini-LED in the future. It is not confirmed yet, as Apple has accepted, but it is expected, it would not be confirmed until Apple has accepted the launch of this device with such advanced features.

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Recover Hotmail Account Password

Have you stuck again? Failed to log in to your account? Do not worry, we are going to be discussing how to recover a lost password on Outlook. Now it’s really easy to forget your password, and even if you’ve written them down somewhere you could still lose it. But luckily, every online system comes with a recovery mechanism that can be used to either recover or reset your password.

You will need to have your phone available for this method to work as you will receive a code from Microsoft to check if it is your Hotmail sign in account. You will receive this message on your registered number that you have associated with your Microsoft Account.

So let’s go ahead, and do that for Outlook/Hotmail. Open up your browser and go to or and then try to sign in and click on I forgot the password for this account. Click on next. Now on to the first step of recovering your password, click on this area that says forgot my password, click it and check on this radio button that says I forgot my password and click on next now. You will see a captcha/code, this is for security purposes whatever you see in this box just type in down below, and if it doesn’t seem clear to you that you can always choose a new code by clicking this button new.

So, if you are done with this security hurdle then click on next, and hopefully, now you’ve recognized your number. Click on the text and provide the last four digits of your registered phone number and hit this send code button now you should receive a message from Microsoft which are with your code. Open up your inbox on your phone and type in the code that you received to the login screen. For instance, if we received 252352 on text message then we’ll write the same on the password recovery screen. Hit next.

Now you’ll get a prompt saying type in your new password. Now, go ahead, and do that, enter it down below as well on the confirm password field. Make sure they match and hit next. Now there you have it. You have successfully reset your Hotmail account password.

Congrats, you have got your account back with all its data, we hope this was useful. You can also use the same method for recovery through another email if you have any other email address associated with your Hotmail/Outlook account.